the BLACK sheep


So I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs and facebook statuses about taking their children to kindergarten and I was like oh I’m so glad I still have a bit of time before I have to do that, BUT I realized I am going to have a similiar experience. Today we went by the preschool to start enrolling him for this semester (It’s going to be a long semester filled with crazy hours so we decided to opt for pre-school, especially he is getting too smart for his britches.) It’ll be really great since we’ll have up to six hours a day to take him there, so when things get crazy I can take him even earlier than I planned!! But when we got there I was sad/ excited because I saw their little learning areas and their little backpacks and little boxes with all their names on them. I realized it really was a school setting, and I realized how old my baby is getting. But I think it’s really going to be great for everyone.

So in my excitement of his first school experience I got us some fancy lunchboxes! I’ve been wanting these for a while but they are a bit pricey BUT to my excitement I found out that they were on Gilt Groupe!!! YAY! so I’m Gilt-y!

I especially love these because I love Bento boxes! I love the care that the mothers put into their children’s meals. So this will be the way that I can do my own version. (Not nearly so animated and beautiful, though. Not yet. ;)Actually probably never, because it is an artform beyond me.)

— 3 years ago

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